Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Adam and the Ants - Kings of the Wild Frontier

DAD SAYS:- I first heard this record at my friend Giles' house. We scrutinised the cover and read the lyrics that are printed on the inner sleeve. We danced around Giles's house in the same way we'd seen Adam dance on Top of the Pops just like the kids we were. Adam and the Ants were a pop band and we were behaving as fans.
As far as we were concened in the early 80s this was pop and nothing else. It would be many years before I knew about Adam's punk past, about his earlier bands that became the Monochrome Set and Bow Wow Wow, his links to Malcolm McLaren and The Sex Pistols. I don't think as a kid I even considered that he had a life before he made this record.
Songs such as Dog Eat Dog and Kings of the Wild Frontier are forever pop music in my mind. But when I put this record on for my daughter I was amazed at the other songs. These are not pop and my adult self can't believe I could ever have though that this was pop! Crunchy guitars stolen from Link Wrey and the Kinks, lashings of spaghetti western references and some pretty straight forward drumming on most tracks. This is a rock record - possibly even a rock and roll record!
I still love it.

TALLULAH SAYS:- The cover is odd and the man on the front looks freaky.
I like the song Feed Me To The Lions. Lots of it is pop or heavy metal music.
Most of the songs are really catchy. I think the main instruments are the drums, guitars and piano.
The song Ant Music is familiar because my mum likes this song and plays it in the car.
In some of the songs there are sound effects like whistling or bangs.
I like this record a lot. I think it is fun and different to what we listen to nowadays.
It is quite dark music.

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